Pete and Mike were at Mike's house, playing tennis on 
Mike's court.  They had known each other since they 
were children.  Now in their mid 20's, they were at  
the top of their game.  Pete was #1 in the world and 
Mike was a few places lower.  While Mike had not won a 
major tournament for a long time, Pete had won three  
of the four majors.  
It was a warm spring day as Pete and Mike ran around 
Mike's court, playing.  Even though he was not playing 
at full speed, Pete still beat Mike handily.  That is 
how good a player Pete was.  After finishing the game, 
they went inside. 
Mike     Thanks for the match, Pete. 
Pete     It was a great match!! 
Mike     After lunch, do you want to check out my gym? 
Pete     I would love to!  I haven't seen it yet. 
Mike and Pete ate their lunch that Mike prepared and 
chatted about many subjects. However, Mike was  
thinking about revenge against Pete, even though they 
were friends.  Mike felt he needed to do something to 
bring down Pete's game so maybe Mike would have a 
chance to win a major.  He decided that the plan would 
go into effect when they were in his gym. 
When they finished lunch, they went down into Mike's 
basement to check out his gym.  There was a full set  
of machines and weight-sets and Pete couldn't help 
admiring how much equipment Mike had down here. 

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